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Teller's Wine

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Tellers Celebration blend:

A Quintessential Bordeaux blend including all 5 varietals:

  • 50% Merlot
  • 20% Malbec
  • 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 10% Cabernet Franc
  • 10% Petite Verdot

Our 2019 vintage allowed the Bordeaux varietals to ripen perfectly, creating a Tellers Celebration blend that appealed to all palates. 


For 2021, we layered in Cabernet Sauvignon for structure and Petite Verdot to add dark fruit character and structural tannins. Notes of blueberries and whisps of violets emerge from the Cab Franc. Malbec contributes rich dark berries and intense aromatics.

And finally Merlot, gracious, elegant and powerful, creates a strong structure for a luxuriously layered Bordeaux that will age beautifully for decades. 



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